Modern Spirit Wellness is the home of the Modern Spiritualist. At the center, the focus is on building community, embracing individuals and families and creating a unique culture around spirituality and health.

The Modern Spiritualist is one way to describe a modern and spiritual lifestyle. Living as a Modern Spiritualist means that you are ready to move into Dharma, breaking free from old limitations and patterns. It leads us to our most authentic self and teaches us that our most divine teacher is already within. Through many of the services offered, Danielle’s focus is always on helping each individual experience their own beautiful and internal self-realization.

The Modern Spiritualist offers a variety of tools to teach and create positive flow and abundance for your personal and spiritual life.

Danielle strives to bring a West coast vibe to the East, helping to open hearts and inner pathways to self-discovery. Danielle is always working on strengthening her Modern Spirit, embodying a lifestyle that exudes kindness, grace and humility. This is the way of the Modern Spiritualist. I hope that you too Embrace and Awaken YOUR Inner Guru.

Modern Spirit Wellness is located at 280 Main Street, Suite 101 in North Reading, MA.