The Modern Spiritualist program is offered to those who are serious spiritual seekers. This program will take you forward into advanced study. Whether you are a beginner or have been on a spiritual pathway for some time, this program will offer tools and teachings that will guide you into further self-realization and deepen your personal practice. For those who are considering a career as a spiritual teacher, healer or a spiritual practitioner, this program will assist in opening those doors for you.

This is an in-depth course that incorporates various metaphysical areas, such as the study of crystals and intuition as well as the study of energy, prana, faith, the Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters, such as Buddha, Christ and many others. The course also focuses on prayer, meditation, chakras, meridians and what it means to be of service to others. This course highlights and teaches about a variety of deities and does not focus on religion or just one faith. It is a spiritual course that helps the student find the spiritual tools and learnings that are meant for them. Teacher and student meet once a month with private study and teacher support in between. A certificate of completion is given once the student achieves the number of sessions required for the program. Call 978-898-7141 for more information.

Cost per session is: $145.00
Includes 90 minutes of one-on-one phone study as well as teacher support
throughout the month. Based on an 18 month course

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