“Working with Danielle in private mentoring sessions has been a rewarding, amazing, and completely awesome experience. I learn more in one session with Danielle than I have over many other workshops combined! My spiritual development and awakening has sped up tremendously since working with Danielle. She is such a gifted teacher, channeler, healer, and Angel Communicator – all of these gifts come together and enable her to create the perfect session for each of her individual students. I am grateful to be working with Danielle on this journey”!

– Liane

“I started my own spiritual journey over three years ago with Danielle spiritually coaching me. With Danielle’s help, I have come so far in my life. Danielle has helped me to heal and make peace with the past, let go of fears, and have a stronger connection to the Divine. I have had angelic and Akashic readings with her and she always brings such loving messages through. When you sit with Danielle she makes you feel so at peace and at ease. I have also gone to her for healing through Reiki and Magnified Healing. She has a very calming presence and when you receive a healing from her you can rest assured that you are under capable hands who will treat you with respect and loving intentions while you let go of what no longer serves you. Even after three years I still learn so much from her. She helped me to become the person I was meant to be. You will not be disappointed”!

– Nicole

“Danielle’s energy is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I’ve worked with many different healers and her light, presence and connection to the divine is rare and a beautiful blessing. Her accuracy through her intuition is mind blowing and unique. She is extremely well versed in knowledge due to all her training. Danielle exudes professionalism, poise and gratitude towards her clients and is willing to help another out as long as they are willing to make those positive changes. As life is constantly moving and testing us to become better human beings, she is there to assist and guide you in that soulful journey. I highly recommend any and all of her services, from healing work, Angel readings or hypnosis to name a few of what she is capable of tapping into, please do your spirit that favor”.

– Nikki

“Since I’ve been working with Danielle I’ve made a lot of progress. Her healing work as really helped me release and move on from things in my past that no longer serve me. She’s really great at making people feel comfortable with her. I really enjoy our sessions”.

– Faye

“The Modern Spiritualist needs to be explored and experienced by anyone and
everyone ready and willing to open up to the Universe’s possibilities and its
extreme beauty. We are on this Earth for a reason. Danielle’s gifts can help guide us to that reason and purpose. It is a beautiful journey”.